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We could define PARAFLY, S.A. as a modern and dynamic company whose main asset is the ENGINEERING and with enough capacity to undertake the massive PRODUCTION of any of our products.


PARAFLY, S.A., is a company created in 1986 with entirely Spanish capital, appearing as complement of a group of textile companies with
more than 50 years of experience.

From then on, its evolution has been continuous, enlarging its action scope, prestige and capital, being at the present time a full autonomous entity.

The technology progression and its integration has unleashed a flowing of new and perfectionated products of proved efficacy, moreover allowing a source of potential development for other revolutionary products.

The engineerig is extensible to the Quality procedures, simple and effective which allow its assurance with prooved agility, specially useful for work of overcharge production.

  Quality Assurance

The quality assurance system stablished in PARAFLY, S.A., complies with the PECAL-120 certified by the Ministry of Defence which is the equivalent to NATO AQAP-120. Additionally, PARAFLY, S.A., fulfills the U.S.A. certification MIL-I45208.

These systems, with correspondent official approval, give the product fulfillment of the most exigent standars also taking advantage of a modern and complete laboratory equipment that PARAFLY, S.A. has in its facilities.



PARAFLY S.A., has achieved a very particular manufacturing structure. We could say that our company is set up from the productive point of
view as the "ideal" company for militar products manufacturing.

The reason for this statement is that PARAFLY, S.A. works as a mixed civil-military company, which allows, in case of manufacturing overcharges, to dedicate the whole productive capacity to a specific work.

This policy, has enabled our company to manufacture, in some occassions, up to 84.000 kg. of parachute raw materials in four months.

This, joined to the modern production centers with own innovating technologies, productive plans in continuous evolution, and specific quality controls applied for each product, allow our company to dispose of a hardly surmountable capacity, with fitting prices and delivery terms.