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Parafly is set up from the productive point of
view as the "ideal" company for militar products manufacturing


PARAFLY S.A. has achieved a very particular manufacturing structure. We could say that our company is set up from the productive point of
view as the "ideal" company for militar products manufacturing.

The reason for this statement is that PARAFLY, S.A., works as a mixed civil-military company, which allows, in case of manufacturing overcharges, to dedicate the whole productive capacity to a specific work.

This policy, has enabled our company to manufacture, in some occassions, up to 84.000 kg. of parachute raw materials in four months.

This, joined to the modern production centers with own innovating technologies, productive plans in continuous evolution, and specific quality controls applied for each product, allow our company to dispose of a hardly surmountable capacity, with fitting prices and delivery terms.


  Aerospace Sector

PARAFLY, S.A. is a top company in the devolopment, design and manufacturing of personnel parachutes, parachutes to throw cargoes and parachutes to recover unmanned flight aeroplanes, as well as the associated components.

PARAFLY, S.A. presently manufactures the following type of parachutes and equipment:

- Personnel parachutes
- Parachutes to throw cargoes and extractors
- Aircraft braking parachutes
- Hight performance quality clothing
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  Armament and Ammunition Sector

In this field is where PARAFLY, S.A. its consolidated as a design company, development and production of stabilizers and braking systems for different types of ammunition in collaboration with main manufacturers of armament and Militar Institutions.

PARAFLY, S.A. presently owns a wide range of products which comprise the following sections:

- Brakings-bombs parachutes
Parachutes to airlaunch Torpedoes
Parachutes to airlaunch Mines
- Illuminating projectiles parachute
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  Safety Material Sector

For the last 9 years, our company has made a great effort to advance in this field. In 1993 PARAFLY, S.A. finally introduced a really revolutionary product into the market.

With this technology , PARAFLY, S.A., was the first company to reduce the weight of a vest in a 40%, using a combination of different conventional raw materials, moreover, maintaining the same protection level as a conventional armour.

With this type of technology, PARAFLY, S.A. keeps advancing in this development line, offering a wide range of products.

- Ballistic protection
- Riot police vests

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  Especial Kit Sector

PARAFLY, S.A., produces kits of auxiliary products, for example all the last generation textile combinations.

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