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Parafly,was the first company to reduce the weight of a vest in a 40%, using a combination of different conventional raw materials, maintaining the same protection level than a conventional armour.



PARAFLY, S.A., is one of the 14 Spanish companies included in the Programme of the new European combat aircraft EUROFIGHTER 2000, for the design and manufacturing of the pilot equipment, anti-G trousers, anti-G jacket, immersion clothing and coverall.

It has designed and supplied the already certified recovering system for the R.P.V aeroplane Programme, Aerial Vigilance Integrated System (SIVA) of the National Institute for Technical Aerospace.

It has been delegated by the American company ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS for the production of torpedo stabilizers for the American Navy, usign PARAFLY's manufacturing technology.

PARAFLY, S.A. has provided the adequacy tests for the VAMTAC vehicle airlaunch, of URO company.

PARAFLY, S.A., is the first Spanish company selected by the EE.UU. Defence Department to take part in the programme FCT (Foreign Comparative Testing) for the development of the Tactical Parachute new system.

PARAFLY, S.A., has been selected finalist in the RPF for the design and development of the new ADVANCED TACTICAL PARACHUTE SYSTEM for all the EE.UU aerotransported troops.